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Email Confirmation, Improvement & & Care Jumping e-mails, spamtrap favorites, stale lists, and wrecked sender reputations –– just a few of the main reasons to use our SafeToSend® & reg; email recognition solution.

Undeliverable and damaging deals with may bring about blocking out and also blacklisting through ISPs. Also something as upright as a flaw on a registration form may suggest a shed option to get in touch with an useful customer. Use SafeToSend to eliminate these risks.

Unlike companies that just verify or confirm handles

SafeToSend makes sure perfect list cleanliness along with a sturdy three-step testing process.


Verify each handle in real time to affirm that it’& rsquo; s valid as well as can approve email

. Appropriate Our patented spell-check innovation fixes as numerous as seven inaccuracies in a solitary address as well as fixes any inaccuracies in your file.


We check each email handle to determine as well as banner spamtraps and other destructive email addresses.

The benefit of SafeToSend is actually sizable: 100% assured secure, deliverable email addresses that steer much higher action rates, sales, and also revenues. Find out more regarding the process.

Stop betting along with your records! Collaborate with the Email Address Pros.

FreshAddress recognizes even more regarding email handles than any sort of provider on the planet! Our company’& rsquo; ve cleaned much more than 11 billion addresses over the past 2 years for 2,000+ customers, consisting of 25% of the Lot of money one hundred. Listed below’& rsquo; s what makes us the best:

Specialist Spamtrap Diagnosis

FreshAddress has a group of information researchers whose main task is to fingerprint and banner spamtraps. No other carrier possesses the knowledge, experience, technology, or even knowledgebase to pinpoint these deliverable but toxic deals with.

Patented Spell-Check Modern Technology

Our company’& rsquo; ve examined over 10 billion email handle enrollments and can easily determine, fix, and legitimize the large majority of unintentional mistakes made upon opt-in.

A Crew You Can Depend On

The protection of your data is our top priority. Our procedures and services follow the strictest of records standards, featuring Europe’& rsquo; s General Information Protection Policy (GDPR).

A Square Offer

All results are actually 100% guaranteed deliverable or your money back.

Our experts utilized SafetoSend, and also the outcomes were actually fantastic. It was actually an extensive tension killer for everybody to remove the really negative deals with as well as to determine where we stood up along with really good handles.

Our experts’& rsquo; re most definitely pleased consumers of FreshAddress and also are actually convinced that you’& rsquo; ve aided us stay clear of obtaining expelled.

Project Manager

American Honda Electric Motor CompanyGet Began Along With Email ValidationDon’& rsquo; t send out one more email till your certain it & rsquo; s SafeToSend! Begin Along With Email Recognition

Don’& rsquo; t deliver an additional email till your certain it’& rsquo; s SafeToSend

! Exactly how It Performses:

Below’& rsquo; s exactly how SafeToSend deals with sophisticated errors and also defends your file coming from hazardous addresses.

Step 1: CHECK

To make sure it’& rsquo; s deliverable, we

  • : Establish whether the deal with syntax adapts RFC (822, 2822, 5322, 3696, 5233, 6530) as well as FreshAddress specifications.
  • Check each address in real time to confirm that the upper as well as lower domain names as well as linked MX (mail exchanger) documents stand as well as can easily approve mail.
  • Make certain address meets ISP-specific demands.
  • Confirm the account is connected to a true working mail box. (Our exclusive algorithm for this method features a large database of recent email deliverability searchings for as well as a real-time SMTP check.)

Action 2: CORRECT

To make best use of the amount of secure, deliverable addresses on your list:

  • Our trademarked spell-check technology corrects as a lot of as seven inaccuracies in a singular address and also remedies any kind of typos, featuring:.
    • Misplaced or altered @ indications as well as invalid personalities like rooms or even quotes.
    • Typos in each TLD’& rsquo; s(. com,. net,. edu, and so on)’and LLD & rsquo; s( gmail, aol, Hotmail, etc.)
    • ANY misspelled domain, not only the absolute most well-known ones.
  • Our exclusive formula will also advise alternative domain names for uncommon access (like @gmail. com instead of @google. com).
  • Every dealt with email handles consisted of in your documents is actually 100% guaranteed to become valid login as well as deliverable.

Action 3: PROTECT

Our company check each email address versus our huge knowledgebase to determine and flag for removal any kind of damaging (but deliverable) email deals with, consisting of:

  • Dangerous: Spamtraps as well as honeypots.
  • Undesired: Regular growlers, duty accounts, non-reusable domain names, make believe and malicious email handles, client-specific reductions.
  • Not best-practice: DMA “& ldquo; Perform Certainly not Email List” & rdquo; and also FCC cordless domains.

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